City leaders address violent Topeka weekend

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- "I do want to reiterate that Topeka is a safe place to live.”

With those words, Topeka Police Chief Bill Cochran tried to reassure the community following a violent weekend in the Capital City.

Cochran, Mayor Michelle de la Isla and City Manager Brent Trout sat down for a panel discussion Tuesday to address the series of shootings that left one Topeka man dead and six other people wounded over the weekend. Investigators say none of the shootings are related.

Of the five shootings only one arrest has been made, but police believe all the people involved in the attacks knew each other.

Cochran said even with spike in violence, violent crime numbers in Topeka are actually dropping.

"Our violent crime numbers are still down as a whole and they continue to go down,” Cochran said. “Unfortunately, we do have a weekend like we had, but again those numbers are going down because of the relationship we have with the community."

De la Isla called on Topekans to keep up the efforts to stop the violence.

"We have to stop. We have to care,” De la Isla said. “My city I absolutely love you, but I need you to help us with this."

Cochran said several of the firearms used over the weekend were possessed illegally and that if you know anyone with an illegal weapon call Crimestoppers right away at (785) 234-0007.