City: Don't come in contact with the Shunganunga Creek and keep your pets away too

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Avoid coming in contact with the Shunganunga Creek and keep your pets out of the stream, the Topeka Utilities Dept. warns.

The alert covers from SW Washburn Ave., through the City, to the Kansas River.

A City spokesperson noted that it does not affect drinking water.

The department says it is only precautionary. Its employees took samples from the water to test for elevated bacteria and will not have the results until, at least, Tuesday, it explained.

The warning comes after the heavy rains recently combined with a mechanical issue in Central Park, the Utilities Dept. said. All of that rain combined with already saturated soil has left the stormwater infrastructure “struggling” to handle the extra water flowing into sanitary sewer system. That excess combined with sanitary flows may cause some of it to overflow into the creek.

The Utilities Dept. has notified the Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment about their concern.

Utility employees will continue to monitor the water in local creeks and waterways and will provide updates when the advisory can be lifted.