City Council discusses plan to improve Central Park Neighborhood and rules for parking on your property.

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TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW) -- Under the current City of Topeka Ordinance, you can only park cars on your property where there is at least four inches of paved gravel, asphalt, or concrete.

Some Council Members want to make the rules clear.

"If you have a vehicle that you're parking right now on the dirt off maybe the driveway or your front yard it would then provide an understanding as to what material needs to be there so that you cannot just park it on your grass in the dirt," City
Manager Brent Trout explained.

Trout said that specification would allow code enforcers to clearly see if there are any violations, and it would improve the aesthetic of the city.

"It doesn't look right relative to the look you have. It needs to be an improved surface that you're parking on," he said.

Council Members also plan to study if these same changes should apply to commercial properties.

The plan would have to approved by council members. If approved it would take effect January 1, 2020.

Another item of discussion was an improvement plan for the Central Park Neighborhood by the city's planning commission and the Central Park NIA.

The plan would assess certain condition in the neighborhood and identify projects.

Funding from the plan would be provided by the Neighborhood SORT Program.

$330,000 would be used for housing rehabilitation. Another $1.7 million would go toward infrastructure projects.

The plan has identified 29 infrastructure projects.

If approved the plan would be implemented in 2020 and 2021.