City Council Members vote on multiple items

TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW) -- City council members voted to allow City Manager Brent Trout begin to take legal action against opioid manufacturers.

The City has said the epidemic is costing tax payers at every level of government --

According to the CDC -- the country pays more than $78 billion each year for things like health care, addiction treatment, and law enforcement.

After a lengthy discussion -- council members also voted to update an existing ordinance that clearly defines where cars can be parked within city limits.

The ordinance now titled 'parking of vehicles on residential property' states cars must be parked on paved or graveled area, and not grass surrounding homes.

The ordinance also now gives a clear definition of what that area is, and says the Topeka Police Department is now the primary enforcement authority.

The governing body also approved for certain changes in zoning to a property in East Topeka.

"We had to get the zoning changed from office and institutional to commercial so that we can have a coffee shop with a drive-thru,” Chris Hartman owner of Milk and Honey Coffee Company.

Chris Hartman and his wife plan to open their business, Milk and Money Coffee Company, 2200 SE Powell. It is currently a vacant building that was once a bank.

Hartman says he wants to provide a new space for coffee lovers while also revitalizing the area.

"We hope to set a trend that I know what other people will see like us and a few other small business over in that area. It's a place to go. It's a place to get going,” he added.

Hartman says it's important that he keeps his business in town.

"We're partnering with the blue jazz java, a local roaster. And we're trying to do everything with local vendors, local contractors, local architects, everything,” he said.
He hopes to open in December.