Christmas Bureau adopts all its families, now it's time for the money to help them

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TOPEKA (WIBW) -- Christmas Bureau 2018 as of Wednesday morning:
Households – 1,729, all adopted
(It takes $50,000 just to provide the required $30 worth of food for each household)
Individuals – 6,279, this goes hand in hand with the households, all adopted (It would take $251,160 if each person got $40 in gifts)
Donations so far - $8,756

If you have ever wondered just how big a job this is, here are some interesting ways to look at it.
• If you spent just 30 minutes per individual—shopping, wrapping and delivering—it would take more than 3,100 hours! That’s more than 130 days! More than 4 months! Something this big can’t be done by one organization—it quite literally takes the entire community.
• Independent Sector places the value of a volunteer hour at $22.56, so all that time is worth nearly $70,000. That doesn’t even include hundreds of staff and volunteer hours spent to collect and process applications and match adopters with families.
• If all they did was collect money for this, it would take more than $300,000 just to provide the tangible parts (food and gifts) of the help that this community gives each year.

Each year they have some families in special circumstances that make it difficult to connect them with a volunteer adopter. Sometimes a family that applied loses access to the phone or email they had used on their application and we aren’t able to connect with them in time to get them adopted. When that happens, the Christmas Bureau takes care of them by providing a “secret shopper” service where those people can purchase items, have a big wrapping party, and then staff or the volunteers make sure everything is delivered.

To make that happen, the United Way needs somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000. At this time, they have less than half of that. They hope you help by giving on the United Way Topeka website or by calling 228-5120 to get more information. Thank you!