Chief says new hiring process will make TPD more competitive

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Last Thursday, 13 NEWS told you about the Topeka Police Department's plan to shorten the hiring process for new recruits.

Police Chief Bill Cochran wants to make sure the public understand that the consolidated hiring process will only shorten the amount of time it takes for a recruit to get hired and will not impact the training period.

Shortening the hiring process allows Topeka Police to be competitive in the market for new recruits.

Instead of taking up to nine months for a recruit to receive an offer, the wait could be only six to eight weeks.

The police academy will remain 22 weeks followed by six months of field training and another 6 month probation period.

Cochran believes this change will help to hire the best candidates.

"They may be in your process, but your process is taking a little bit longer and some other agency is able to do their process shorter and offer you a job,” Cochran said. “Then you lose that candidate. That's kind of what the focus is, is that we don't lose those future employees that we'd really like to have."

Currently TPD is looking to fill 20 vacancies. For new recruits, the new year brings an increase in starting salary, it's now $44,000 a year.