Chamber of Commerce to get more involved in local elections with PAC

Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 4:34 PM CDT
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The Topeka Chamber of Commerce plans to get more involved in state and local elections.

The Chamber recently formed a Political Action Committee.

Leaders say it allows them to back candidates with whom they share common values, rather than advocating for individual issues as they arise. The Chamber says the PAC will put together a report of whom they want to endorse -- and bring it to the board.

Chamber Vice President Curtis Sneden serves as liaison between the groups -- he says the PAC will choose candidates based on making the community better, rather than political party.

"It is non-partisan in the sense that there's no political affiliation whatsoever,” Sneden said. “The issues that are going to move our community forward aren't republican issues or democratic issues, they're community issues. So, we're definitely non-partisan in that sense of the word."

Sneden said no members of the Chamber, Greater Topeka Partnership, or Downtown Topeka serve on the committee.

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