'Casablanca' actress Madeleine LeBeau dies at 92

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ROME (AP) — Her name may not be as well known as her co-stars in Casablanca but her character played a pivotal part in the classic.

French actress Madeleine LeBeau, best known for her role as Rick's pushed aside girlfriend in "Casablanca," has died. She was 92.

Carlo Alberto Pinelli says the actress died May 1 in Spain, after suffering a thigh-bone fracture. LeBeau was the second wife of Pinelli's father, the late Italian screenwriter Tullio Pinelli.

LeBeau had been living with a daughter, Maria Duhour, who informed the younger Pinelli of the woman's death.

Lebeau was cremated, and her ashes will be brought to Italy sometime in the coming months to be placed in the family tomb, Pinelli said.

After fleeing a war-torn France soon after her first role in the 1939 French film "Young Girls in Trouble," LeBeau went on to appear in films including "Casablanca," ''Gentleman Jim" and "8 ½."

LeBeau was married to the actor who played Rick's croupier in Casablance, Marcel Dalio who was Jewish. The couple had fled Paris in 1940 ahead of the Germans traveling through Lisbon, the destination of of the plane that leaves from Casablanca, to the Americas.

Dalio's parents died in a German concentration camp.

You can watch her key part of Casablanca here.