Capper Foundation rakes leaves at Ronald McDonald House

Published: Nov. 21, 2019 at 4:46 PM CST
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Some clients from the Capper Foundation were inspired to give back to the community Thursday.

Clients from the Capper Foundation wanted to give back to the community. So, they went over to the Ronald McDonald house and raked up all of the leaves out of the yard. Chris Ostrander, the manager of the adult-day program at Capper Foundation, appreciates the support they often receive and wants to pay it back.

"That's one thing I would like to see more of is that the people we serve is get out and give back to the community" Ostrander said. "They do receive a lot from a lot of people, but we gotta get them out there, and just give back."

They were inspired by the NFL’s ongoing 100th anniversary campaign, which encourages people to give their 100 minutes of helping people.