Canada says 'no more' to whale and dolphin captivity

Two killer whales photographed off the south side of Unimak Island Alaska. Cropped Photo: Courtesy: NOAA
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OTTAWA (CNN) -- Canada's House of Commons passed a bill Monday that makes it illegal to hold a whale, dolphin, or porpoise captive.

There are currently only two aquariums in the country housing them: Marineland in Niagra Falls and the Vancouver Aquarium. They will be allowed to keep the ones they have, but are forbidden from getting new ones through capture or breeding.

Violation of the law could cost $150,000.

The law, known as the "Free Willy" bill was first passed by Canada's Senate in 2015.

Now that the House of Commons has approved it, the legislation is expected to gain "royal assent," the Canadian equivalent of the president signing it into law.