Business brisk at North Topeka gun shop and shooting range

Ashley Buttle / CC BY 2.0
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- While some local businesses have shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, a North Topeka gun store and shooting range is still open and finding no shortage of customers.

As it has been the past few weeks, business was brisk Thursday morning at the Gun Garage, 2120 N.E. Meriden Road.

Owner Floyd McMillin said many first-time gun buyers have come to the store since the COVID-19 crisis.

"All of a sudden," McMillin said, "people who don't believe in guns or never had guns are buying guns."

He said the store has made some adjustments to keep customers safe and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including closing at 6 p.m., following social-distancing guidelines and making sure to disinfect and sanitize public areas. Additionally, the store is limiting traffic to 10 customers at a time.

McMillin said the store has no plans of closing, as it has a Second Amendment right to remain open.

"We're not closing," he said. "If the world comes to it, they're going to need their ammo, and we're here for them."