Buddy Bench for local school, is a gift from local Girl Scouts

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TOPEKA (WIBW) -- Jennifer Augustine's 5th grade Junior Girl Scouts at Christ the King School have just completed a project that'll make them lots of buddies at their school.

The girls have earned their Bronze award, the highest award they can reach at their grade. For their award, they made a "Buddy Bench" for their school Kindergarten playground!

If you haven’t heard of what a Buddy Bench is, it’s just a simple bench that is available to any one who’s feeling lonely and looking for someone to play with. Another student goes up to them and invites them to play. The girls thought this would be a great idea for the Kindergarten class, as so many of them come from different preschools and day cares, often not having friends to start off their new year at a new school.

The girls presented their bench to their church priest, Father Matthew along with Principal Reynoso and Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Kinney, right before school started. 13 News joins in thanking the girls for their school gift!