Bud Light flip-flops, offers free beer to aliens that escape Area 51

(Source: Bud Light via Twitter)
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AREA 51 (WIBW) -- Bud Light may not be sponsoring the supposed raid on Area 51, but that doesn't mean the beermaker doesn't think aliens don't deserve a cold one.

It all started Monday, when Bud Light tweeted they wanted to be the first to "formally announce" they were not sponsoring the event, which has drawn the attention of hundreds of thousands on Facebook.

But, on Wednesday, they returned to Twitter with a special offer for any little green men.

"Screw it. free Bud Light to any alien that makes it out," they tweeted.

They even showed off a black-and-green, alien-themed label a few hours later.

Bud Light did not explain their about-face - or if a trip to the mothership was behind it.