Boy Scouts shot Army weapons during Fort Riley's 32nd Annual Apple Day

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FORT RILEY, Kan. (WIBW) -- Thousands packed Fort Riley’s Artillery parade field for their 32nd Annual Apple Day.

Boy Scout Troop 91 traveled all the way from Kansas City to take part in the festivities.

The scouts took to the miles range, Saturday, to shoot Army weapons.
Scout Master Kyle Murdock brought 29 scouts to the event.

“They have this range all set up where the boys can shoot an M4, M240, and M249. It maybe the first and last chance a lot of these guys get to shoot some of these weapons. They do have some bigger guns and they were telling them that if they want to shoot those, they have to join the Army,” said Murdock.

For nine-year-old Hayden Mai it was the first time he touched a weapon.

“I got shacked a lot when I shot it,” said Mai.

Murdock said it’s a great opportunity for the boys to interact with the Army.

“They learn some of the mechanics of how they work and also have some interaction with the personnel here, the military here so it’s a great opportunity for them,” explained Murdock.

The scouts also enjoyed the Generals Mounted Colored Guard demonstrations along with, the helicopter and tank displays.

Apple Day Coordinator Ron Stewart says this is the biggest event of the year for Fort Riley.

“This is one of the few opportunities that people are able to come out here and interact with our Army our United States Army and this is a great recruitment tool,” said Stewart. “Whether people want to think of it that way or not, to see hey, maybe I want to be a part of the Army and they get to see all the cool toys that people get to play with.”

For the Boy Scouts they will go home with a new experience.

“The thing I liked most about it is trying new things,” said Mai.

The Historical and Archaeological Society of Fort Riley also had apple pies for sale by the Apple Queens and volunteers.