WATCH: Bob Dole salutes fellow WWII veteran President Bush at Capitol

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WASHINGTON (WIBW) -- It was a touching tribute from one old soldier to another.

On Wednesday, former Kansas Senator Bob Dole honored fellow WWII veteran and Republican leader President George H.W. Bush while he lay in state in the Capitol Rotunda.

An obviously emotional Dole was taken up to the casket where, with a little help, he rose to stand and salute the former President, with whom he worked with and competed against during their political careers.

Dole served as Senate Republican Leader during the entirety of President Bush's term in office.

The two also squared off for the GOP presidential nomination in 1988, with Dole starting strong with a win in Iowa, before losing out to President Bush.

President Bush continues to lie in state in Capitol for the rest of the day, before his funeral on Wednesday. President Donald Trump, who also visited the Rotunda on Monday, has declared a National Day of Mourning.