Blue Rapids Good Kids treat all their projects with Respect

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BLUE RAPIDS (WIBW) -- Project Respect is a non profit organization in Blue Rapids, Kansas started by the sophomore class to bring back forgotten morals. We do service projects around the town, a little bit for everyone. We have held a can food drive, we will hold a date night for parents, as in that if the parents want to go out on a date we will watch their kids for free, just to help them out.

We have also went across our school board and they really thought that it was a good idea and wondering if maybe we can have it within our school day, as an elective. We have cleaned ditches on the outside of Waterville and we have done activities with the kids in our school district, such as, Crush cans for your Valentine, Can food drive, Hands on for Project Respect (basically we had them trace their hands for a rainbow).

We also have done a St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt just for the high school. Just little odds and ends to help out our community. (Nomination letter from Angel Hornkohl.)