'Bittersweet' for Washburn community reacting to Dwane Simmons murder charge

Published: Jul. 12, 2019 at 10:31 PM CDT
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It's a difficult, bittersweet time now that light has finally been shed on Dwane Simmons' murder.

"It's a huge weight, and your prayers and thoughts obviously go to the family. Dwane's a special young man and touched a lot people, here in the Washburn community so you do, you want justice," said Washburn football Coach Craig Schurig.

That community can now finally begin to breathe a sigh of relief - having found one more missing piece of the puzzle.

"Feel good for the rest of the Simmons family that they can finally rest a little bit easier not having to wonder every night," said former student body Vice President Jim Henry.

That peace has been missing since Dwane's death in April.

"Yeah that night was a tough night for everybody at Washburn University," Schurig said.

"And we won't forget. We're going to continue to honor Dwane," Henry said.

"The news today is really enlightening and it's great news and obviously it's great news for the family and Washburn University and our football family and the community as a whole," Schurig said.

The Washburn community won't be dwelling on the pain - but the positivity Simmons brought this world.

"It's really just remembering those positive vibes he left on campus and trying to continue that as best as we can," Henry said.

"We're gonna grieve, we are grieving, we'll continue to do so but we wanna make, a lot us wanna keep it positive, we wanna continue that light that he shined."

Henry says Washburn will be honoring Simmons at senior night this year - and that he'll be getting his degree in December along with the rest of his class.