Fork in the Road: Service and courtesy bring longtime friends back to Biggs BBQ every week

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LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW) - Your local barbeque joint is what Biggs BBQ titles themselves. And for good reason - what you'll find there is delicious food, and a family atmosphere where customers know their servers by name.

Longtime friends Larry Welch and Vincent Krische have eaten together at Biggs BBQ every Wednesday since the restaurant opened in 2004.

Welch exclaims the "The food and the courtesy," is what’s kept them coming back for 14 years.

That kind of loyalty isn’t out of the ordinary for customers according to owner Doug Holiday, who runs the restaurant with the help of his wife and kids.

"We bill ourselves as a BBQ restaurant but we also have comfort foods as well.” Holiday said.

To get a better idea of their signature taste, their sample plate is complete with a half slabs of both baby back and St. Louis style ribs, a chicken quarter, burnt ends, pulled pork, as well as three sides and a corn bread muffin.

One of their most popular meats, the burnt ends, are first smoked for several hours, then the tops are cut off and it’s re-rubbed with seasoning and put back in the smoker for three to four more hours.

“What you wind up with is a really well smoked tasty piece of meat. Tender and delicious." Holiday explained.

But having a dream and making it a success doesn't come without sacrifice.

"We do a lot of hours in the restaurant. You know if you want to see dad sometimes you’ve got to come to the restaurant.” Holiday said visibly getting emotional. “Just recently my son who moved out of state he came to visit us. I picked him up and we went here to work and that was about it." Holiday said with tears in his eyes.

When 13 NEWS asked him why it was worth it to him he said he gets a lot of satisfaction out of making sure the guests are happy and seeing repeat customers, but more importantly he says there’s pride in upholding the family name.

And the satisfaction goes both ways -- with customers growing close relationships with the family and their employees.

“We know all their kids first names, we know that Seth is in Philadelphia," Welch explained.

That sense of family and closeness shines through in their service, which will keep folks looking for a personal touch coming back.

"It’s so great because you come here cause you feel like you're at home, you know the people that work here, you know the people that own it and I love home owned places." Krische said.

Biggs BBQ is located at 2429 Iowa Street in Lawrence and is open every day from 11 AM to 9 PM.

If you'd like to take a taste of Biggs home they sell their signature sauces at Hyvees in both Topeka and Lawrence.

Biggs BBQ also has a sister restaurant, Burgers by Biggs, where you can get delicious beef burgers made fresh daily at 4801 Bauer Farm Drive A, also in Lawrence.