Big savings on big screens before Sunday's big game

4K-UHD TV's at Best Buy
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Sunday's big game is just three days away and stores are pulling their deals on big screen TVs.

Best Buy employees say along with Black Friday, the week before the final pro football game is their busiest time of year.

"A lot of the big televisions are probably your biggest discounts right now, where you're going to see $300 to $700 or more savings on those televisions. It's a great time to buy them and some the prices are actually better than what you saw on Black Friday sales," said Best Buy Assistant Manager Tad Hernandez.

Hernandez said the deals will last through Sunday, expecting heavy traffic in the TV aisles the next few days with people hoping to add a wow factor to their watch party.

"Let's just say you're hosting some type of party. You don't want the small TV, you want the big TV. There's a lot of upgrades that happen this time of year and keeps our installers very busy," said Hernandez.

Even though it's not on sale, a lot of focus is turning to the 4K-UHD TV's as they grow in popularity. According to CNNMoney, nearly half of TV buyers are expecting to purchase their first 4K TV this year. It is an ultra high-def TV that produces clearer, more vibrant images.

Last year, only four percent of TV buyers said they owned a 4K.

Best Buy sales reps are also expected a big boost in sound product sales, to go along with the TVs.

"While the TV picture has gotten amazing, the sound hasn't always kept up with it. Sound Bars have been a really hot item with it because not only do you want to see the action live, you want to experience it, and adding those two elements together really puts you in the action," said Hernandez.

Some Sound Bars and Best Buy are on sale for $100.