Beware of those dog bone treats, FDA warns

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(WIBW) -- Most people know not throw their dog a leftover chicken bone, but what about 'bone treats' -- those prepackaged bones sold next to the dog treats?

Bones leftover from a cooked chicken or turkey are very brittle. They can splinter inside your dog's mouth or intestines and cause all kinds of terrible problems. A new report from the Food & Drug Administration, says bone treats may be causing similar problems.

Bone treats are sold at supermarkets and pet stores next to the rest of the dog treats, but they're different from the uncooked butcher-type bones. Bone treats are dried out using a smoking or baking process.

The FDA says they can cause several illnesses in dogs including,

  • Gastrointestinal obstruction (blockage of the digestive tract);
  • Choking;
  • Cuts and wounds in the mouth or on the tonsils;

  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea, and;
  • Bleeding from the rectum, and/or

Approximately fifteen dogs reportedly died after eating a bone treat.

If you would like to report a problem with a pet product, you can do so on the FDA's website.