Beware of 'Zombie Snakes' that play dead, NC officials warn

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CNN) -- North Carolina park officials worried some people with a Facebook post about zombie snakes. The good news is they aren't un-dead, but the bad news is they like to pretend they're dead.

Facebook/North Carolina State Parks and Recreation

The state's Division of Parks and recreation was just sharing information about the Eastern Hognose Snake's habit of playing dead.

Similar to an opossum, the snake will often roll onto its back, convulse, and then lie motionless with its tongue hanging out when threatened.

Sometimes, though, the snake will hiss and inflate its neck like a cobra to try to scare away predators. This behavior earned them the nickname, "puff adder."

In this case, though, you can relax a bit, because the Eastern Hognose snakes aren't vipers and don't have any venom. These harmless scaredy-cats almost never bite - and, unlike zombies, likely won't eat your brains.