Dear Jayhawk and Wildcat fans: Don't let a dog pick your NCAA bracket

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — Filling out an NCAA March Madness bracket for most people is a guessing game, so why not let an adorable puppy fill your bracket out for you?

Primrose, a 6-year-old Chihuahua mix, filled out her "bark-etology" bracket for Sports Illustrated by eating a treat that coincided with the name of a team competing in the tournament.

Be warned though: it may not be the best strategy when filling out a bracket, especially considering Primrose picked two 16 seeds to beat one seed teams, including KU!

Not only that, but the 16 seed that Primrose picked to beat the Jayhawks makes it all the way to the Final Four in her bracket!

K-State fans may not be particularly fond of Primrose's bracket either as she has the Wildcats dropping out of the tournament in the first round against Cincinnati.

However, Wichita State fans will enjoy Primrose's bracket because she has the Shockers defeating Kentucky and UCLA on their way to the championship game.

Here you can see her full bracket

Unfortunately, Primrose has the Wisconsin Badgers ultimately beating the Shockers for the championship, but that would still be a dog-gone good run.

Primrose's strategy probably won't make for a perfectly picked bracket, but it certainly will make for one of the cutest.

So instead of racking your brain trying to calculate who will win in this year's tournament, just let your pooch do it for you because they've got about as good a chance of making a perfect bracket as the rest of us.