Attorney General calls Brown v. Board one of the 'giants' in American legal history

TOPEKA, Kan, (WIBW) -- Attorney General Derek Schmidt called the Brown v. Board of Education decision one of the giants in American legal history.

"The Brown decision was about the real lives of real people who were trying to raise their kids and get them an education so they can better themselves in the next generation. And I think as long as we keep focus on that reality we'll keep Brown in perspective," he said.

He said the 1954 ruling is being used today especially when dealing with difficult issues such as the school funding case that is currently in front of the State Supreme Court.

Schmidt said Brown v. Board teaches people the positive outcome when many come together and fight for what's right. He also said the case is something everyone should be proud of, including Kansans.

He encourages people to hear the stories of those who lived through the experience while they can to learn more about its history.