Areas schools will soon launch bus tracking apps

Published: Aug. 12, 2019 at 5:14 PM CDT
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Parents in a couple area school district will be able to follow their students' bus ride this year.

The system being used in both the Topeka and seaman districts let them track where the bus is, and get alerts before it arrives.

The app is called here comes the bus. It’s not available for the first day of school, but U.S.D. 501 says it will be live after labor day.

“It will cut down on a lot of communication problems,” said Kelly Kimble with Kansas Central School Bus.

The app gives parents a real time view of where their child’s schools bus is.

“If the bus is going to be delayed for any reason we can send a blast out to just that child or to the entire bus. Anybody that’s signed up, because here in Topeka sometimes we deal with some detours,” Kimble added.

The GPS based system will also alert parents when the bus is close to their stop, so they may keep them out of the elements for a longer period of time.

“You’ll get the alert, tells you the bus is coming, it will show when the bus has arrived. Then also the same thing when the bus gets to the school,” she detailed.

The district office hopes the app will provide enough details so they don’t have to call the school if there is a delay.

“It will absolutely take some of that middle man out of there and allow parents to get direct information without having to wait for it to get through a couple of layers,” said Topeka Public Schools spokesperson Misty


The app goes live starting September 3rd, and each parent will receive a code and directions on how to use the app.

Seaman schools says they won't have it live until later in the fall.