Area bars hold security as a top priority

MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) -- Topeka Public Schools Police Chief Ron Brown said even though your mind may be on having a good time with your friends when you go out to a bar or night club, even though it may seem unnecessary, you need to take a moment and at least briefly think of your exit strategy before your night of fun begins.

Brown said it may be difficult when you are trying to unwind, but it could help you if a situation like what happened in Thousand Oaks, CA happens in a city in Kansas.

"I understand it's a relaxing, enjoyable time, but that doesn't mean that we can't take a few minutes just to look around and see our surroundings,” Brown said. “In this situation, if someone comes in very quickly, there really isn't a lot you can do except react to what is occurring."

Scott Sieben owns a few locations in Manhattan’s Aggieville area, he said security at establishments like his is a top priority.

"Sometimes, there's no way to know what's going to happen,” Sieben said. “Working with RCPD as much as we can (and) training our staff to look for different situations is kind of the best way for us to keep an eye on that."

The Riley County Police Department has officers patrolling Aggieville on foot during high traffic times.

They said that accessibility helps establishment owners feel confident that they can reach out and deescalate situations.

"Often times what happens is you establish a relationship with the people there,” Captain Josh Kyle said. “You know who's working what night, they know who's working at the police department on any given night, you know what to expect from one another and you'll also communicate a lot better."

Brown adds that an obsessed killer often does not have an exit strategy, expecting to die at the scene, so knowing where the exits are could save your life.