Another gun found in back pack at Lawrence High

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LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW/AP) — For the second time within a week, a gun was found at Lawrence High School, the district said on its Facebook page. This time, the firearm was reportedly found Tuesday inside a student's book bag.

District officials noted there was no incident involving the weapon, not was any student or staff member threatened. The discovery is prompting Superintendent Anthony Lewis to call for "a serious discussion of how to address what has the potential to be a dangerous problem for our community."

In the post, Lewis said he intends to work with school officials, students, and parents to set up a "public discussion about the issue."

Lewis also complimented Lawrence High administrators for their quick response to Tuesday's situation.

Last Wednesday, the district also said a gun was found in a student's backpack. In that case, students at the high school reportedly alerted staff to the weapon.

No one was threatened in that incident either, officials added.

On Friday, the Douglas County District Attorney's Office said no charges would be filed against a Free State High School student who left a hunting gun in his car in the school parking lot.

Prosecutors said the student didn't intend to commit a crime. Trial assistant Dorothy Kliem said the investigation found the student forgot the weapon was in his vehicle after a hunting trip.

The unloaded gun was discovered under the seat of the student's vehicle in September. The Lawrence Journal-World reports district officials said the weapon never left the vehicle.