Animal control locates dog who killed another dog at a Topeka park

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A walk in Hillsdale Park turned deadly when a large dog, who escaped from its home, fatally injured a family pet on Nov. 29.

“The victim and his dog were walking through the park, and they had just gotten home to their driveway when a large Presa Canario-type dog came up to them and attacked their dog," senior Topeka Animal Control officer Jim Tursi said.

The man was able to push the other dog away and bring his dog inside.

The Presa, who was off-leash after slipping out of his collar and getting away from his owner, ran off.

“The owners took their dog to an emergency vet that night, and unfortunately because of the extent of the damage done to the dog, it was forced to be euthanized," Tursi said.

After following several leads, animal control eventually found the dog. The victim dog's owner identified it as the one that attacked their pet.

The Presa is now being held by animal control. 

This particular case was an isolated incident, but if you find yourself in a similar situation, there are several ways to protect yourself and your pet.

“If you see yourself being attacked, or your animal is being attacked, you need to do something to distract the dog," Tursi said.

Tursi offers some suggestions to get the other dog's attention, including:

  • Make a loud noise, maybe yell 'go home;'
  • If you have treats, throw them at the other dog;
  • Throw water, or;
  • Use an object to separate the dogs

But Tursi warns getting involved could be dangerous.

“At the worst, you could try to physically separate them, but then you’re probably going to get bit, and it becomes a much more dangerous situation for you and your animal," Tursi said.

The owner of the Presa involved in this incident received a ticket on a dangerous dog charge.

A trial will be held to determine if the dog who attacked the family pet is unsafe.