Auburn firefighter lives life serving others

AUBURN, Kan. (WIBW) -- A tragic night nearly ten years ago led to one Auburn man finding his purpose.

(WIBW/Danielle Martin)

Now he uses his time to volunteer for the local fire department and the Auburn city council.

"The house directly across the street from us what on fire and the father was out in the yard and he was yelling that his son was in the house. Two of the firefighters worked there way into a basement window and they were able to get the son out, but at that time it was too late."

Tyler Tenbrink explains a story that occurred on August 3rd, 2010.

"It took me a couple of weeks to process after that, but I thought how important it is to have a volunteer fire department and first responders that are living in the area."

It was this incident that led Tenbrink to change his life to serve others.

"After I thought about that I thought God put that on my heart to join the fire department and to help with what I could."

Since 2010, Tyler has been volunteering at the Auburn Fire Department.

"The people that we help, seeing the looks on their faces, that's meaningful to me just to know the people who are around me," he emphasized.

The job of being a firefighter takes a heavy toll, but his team lightens the load.

"Other calls are more difficult and it takes some time, we try to lean on each other a lot, talk to each other about those situations," Tenbrink explained. "What keeps me at peace is I feel like I'm doing the right thing by making myself available to help, to show up on call and help out when people need help in the community. It is difficult at times but it's more important that we're here and available to help."

Tyler also wears another hat for his community, he's a city council member.

"My work on the city council, I try to provide my opinions, from my experience and try to help out where I can. I find it to be rewarding and I got to know a lot of people."

He says he hopes to leave his family a legacy of living in faith and service.

"There's a verse that I like, that I try to follow, Jeremiah 29, verse 7, it says "work for the prosperity of your city and when your city prospers, you will prosper."

Tyler encourages others to serve in their community.

"I would say to someone who's not involved to get involved and show up and see where that takes you."