All-women biker group riding towards world record, while raising money for veterans

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Women from across the country are putting their kickstands up and revving their engines to raise money for veterans.

Hundreds of women riders pulled in to the Ramada Inn hotel Thursday night.

Come Saturday - they hope to set the world record for most women in a ride at once.

But it's not all about the record - the ride raises money for veterans and first responders.

87-year old Mildred Elswick rode in from South Dakota Thursday morning.

She rides with her daughter. The duo never shies away from these experiences.

"Freedom. Freedom, freedom, freedom," she emphasized.

"And you get all the smells along the road that you don't get in a car, and you see things that you don't see in a car. It's just wonderful."

That freedom - they say - is thanks to our veterans.

That's something the Women's Freedom Ride wants to honor.

"We ride for them and they stood for us," said Women's Freedom Ride CEO Karen Collins.

Thursday night is just the beginning - over 1,000 women riders hit the road and rolled into Topeka.

"Tey have nothing in common but riding motorcycles, Collins said.

They're raising money to support veterans and first responders.

Women's freedom ride partners with Spartan Alliance.

"Every dollar we give them goes to help a vet," Collins said.

They buy off-road wheelchairs for veterans and first responders - giving them back the ability to go hunting or fishing - where a regular wheelchair can't take them.

Saturday morning - many of these women will hit the pavement for a ride to Heartland Motorsports Park.

There - these women hope to set the world record for the largest all-women group ride.

"They've come in to make this happen, it's women together, and it's just fantastic to see all the support they're giving each other," Collins said.

They're still looking for female riders to support veterans and break that record.

Click here to see how you can join.