Advisors Excel kids pack 300 bags of food at volunteer event

Published: Apr. 22, 2019 at 10:42 PM CDT
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A new Advisors Excel program kicked off at Lowman Hill Elementary tonight, but the volunteers themselves were the ones who excelled with their new Kids Give Back event.

100 kids each packed three bags of food for school children.

Advisors Excel and Project Topeka pack food every month - but this is the first time employees brought their kids to help.

The 300 bags of food will go to Lowman Hill Elementary - adding to the company's existing partnership with Randolph Elementary.

"They [Kids] have loved it. It's been fun to hear their remarks, 'Where are these bags going?' and asking questions and us getting the chance to explain it to them," said Lindsay Freeman, the Advisors Excel director of community engagement.

"The feeling of giving is very special and we definitely want to instill it at a young age if we can," she said.

Advisors Excel Co-Founder David Callanan says community involvement is a top priority.

"We had so many of them [employees] ask to have their family included. They wanted to kind of model giving back," Callanan said.

"A lot of the time it's hard to find opportunities for kids at four years old, five years old, ten years old, to go out and give back. For us, we wanted to create our own."

After packing up bags of food - kids colored cards to be sent to Meals on Wheels recipients and Stormont Vail patients.

"It really is cool to watch the people of Topeka come together and really give back to the community because it makes it a better place," Callanan said.

Advisors excel plans to continue making Kids Give Back a monthly event.


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