Advisors Excel kids making sure no child goes home hungry

Published: Oct. 21, 2019 at 11:03 PM CDT
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Local children spent their Monday night packing so their peers at Lowman Elementary School have bags full of goodies to take home for the weekend.

It's all a part of Advisor Excel's Fun Food Fridays program, with the goal of helping bridge food gaps between Friday afternoon and Monday morning for those who may be struggling to fill it.

"One of the biggest questions I'm asked by my staff, is 'How can my kids get involved?’ and there's really a shortage of opportunities for our kids, especially for kids under the age of eight here in Topeka, so we created our own,” Lindsay Freeman, director of community engagement for Advisors Excel.

While the kids making the bags get the joy of service those who receive them get the security of food for the weekend.

"Before we had Fun Food Fridays, only about 20 of our kids out of 274 kids got any sort of food assistance on the weekend,” Melissa Wells-Martin, principal of Loman Hills, said. “One-hundred percent of our student body receives a bag that they take home every weekend."

Loman Hills and Randolph Elementary pass out the bags Friday afternoon to all of their students, meaning that over the weekend everyone will have something to eat.

"That means that their need is met as far as hunger, and they can work on academics and behavior, and the things that we want them to be here for,” Wells-Martin said.

This is the second edition of the Kids Give Back — the first was back in April for students at Randolph Elementary.

So far, 20,000 bags have been given out.

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