Accidental shooting at K-State reignites debate over guns on campus

Published: Jan. 23, 2017 at 8:16 PM CST
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According to a release from Kansas State University, a 19-year-old student accidentally shot himself in a campus residence hall on Sunday night.

The university didn't say why the student had the gun but did say they are investigating whether to charge the student for having a gun on campus illegally.

It's currently illegal to have a firearm on a college campus, however, in just a few short months the university's exemption to Kansas' concealed carry law will expire.

The shooting on Sunday has reignited the debate about whether guns should be allowed on campus.

K-State senior Jennifer Edgar said that allowing guns on campus could distract from the learning environment and make some students feel less safe.

"College is so stressful as it is and there are so many emotions and so many experiences that you go through in college I don't think guns on campus would bring much positive anything," said Edgar.

Evan Steckler, a junior, doesn't share Edgar's concern. He said that while he is glad the student is in stable condition, the incident is proof that the current gun prohibition isn't enforceable.

"We've got to allow people who do follow the rules to carry and defend themselves if they so choose," said Steckler.

The decision to roll back the current concealed carry law rests with the legislature. Lawmakers have already introduced legislation exempt universities.