AT&T simulator shows just how scary texting and driving can be

(WIBW/Rick Felsburg)
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- We’ve all been told texting and driving is dangerous, but people got a firsthand look at just how scary it can be Wednesday.

AT&T brought its It Can Wait Texting Simulator to the Statehouse. Participants put on the goggles to see what it’s like trying to drive while spending more time looking at your phone.

“You’re guaranteed to have a wreck,” said Mike Scott, president, AT&T Kansas. “Texting and driving is just so dangerous it’s like driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed at 50 miles per house.”

AT&T conducted a recent survey on texting and driving, and while 90 percent of people said they knew texting and driving was dangerous, 71 percent continued to do it.

Scott hopes the simulator will show people just how scary it can be.

“We think it’s very authentic and very impactful,” he said.