A tattoo that could talk to you

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(WIBW/CNN) -- Thanks to cutting edge technology, tattoos can now talk to you!


It's a new tech-based take on body art from the Los Angeles start-up Skin Motion. A specially-trained artist recreates a soundwave file as a tattoo.

An app is then used to read the tattoo and play back an associated file as a tattoo. The company says it's done using a combination of audio and image recognition.

There's even a place in Topeka that can do them. Absolute Tattoo is the first parlor in the state offering the audio tattoos. The artist Jacob Schell told 13 NEWS even though the technology just launched, he has already done several so far, and has more appointments already scheduled.

Schell explained making the tattoos requires a steady hand and the company that makes the app that reads them makes you "jump through hoops" to make sure you can do them well.