A look at the most crash-prone intersections in Topeka

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The Topeka Police department sent 13 NEWS data on Monday detailing the most accident-prone intersections in Topeka.

Last year alone TPD worked 12 different accidents at SW 21st and Urish Rd.

That statistic goes against the grain, as traffic safety experts tout roundabouts as safer than traditional intersections.

Kristi Ericksen, a city traffic engineer, says roundabouts like 21st and Urish usually only have eight conflict points compared to traditional intersections, which typically have 32.

Though it sees the most crashes, the roundabout intersection does cut down the risk of severe wrecks.

Ericksen says that's because the raised middle portion of the roundabout forces drivers to slow down, decreasing the risk of high-speed t-bone crashes.

Next on the list is SW 29th and Fairlawn Rd. tied with SE 6th and Golden Ave. for second-worst - at ten wrecks each last year.

There's a tie for third too - with eight crashes at both SW 29th and Wanamaker Rd. and SW 17th and Gage Blvd.

Each of those intersections is different - but city engineers say the common thread in most of these wrecks is driver error.

"If we were to put together a pie chart and say, 'Here's too many access points, maybe on this segment, or some confusion on signs here on this segment,' Those are things we can fix. And then driver behavior being a big part of that pie - it's not something we can fix directly," Ericksen said.

Engineers say they played a role in fixing some problem areas intersections - 21st and Wanamaker for example has seen fewer wrecks since it was redone last year.