A cat from Denver wanders to Topeka, owners found thanks to microchip

(Source: Helping Hands Humane Society)
(Source: Helping Hands Humane Society)(WIBW)
Published: May. 16, 2019 at 5:29 PM CDT
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540 miles.

That's how far away from home Loki was when someone found her wandering around a Topeka apartment complex earlier this week.

Now, usually when stray cats come in, they don't have microchips, Helping Hands Humane Society explains. Normally, they have to wait to see if a kitty's family comes by looking for it.

Admissions Counselors still check, though. And, in this case, they were pleasantly surprised to find this long-haired, black cat was chipped - not only that, the information on it was up to date!

That's when the HHHS staff learned their newest resident came to them all of the way from Denver, Colorado. They don't know how she made the trip, but they do know how she's getting home.

Loki's catching a ride on an RV. Her family can't make it to Topeka, the shelter says. Luckily, a Helping Hands worker knows someone who can take her back to the Mile High City and back to her own bed.

Get your pets chipped

Helping Hands Admissions Manager Margaret Price is using Loki's tale (tail?) to stress the importance of microchipping. The shelter points out, many dogs find their way home because of that little chip in their back, but a lot of cats don't have one.

"Microchipping is so, so important," Price said. "These animals can’t talk to us to tell us their name, Mom’s phone number, or their address. A microchip can do all that for them."

If your pet doesn't have one, you can ask your veterinarian or go down to the Helping Hands Admissions' Lost & Found entrance and you can get one for $40. They also have sales from time to time when you can get a chip even cheaper.

And, remember, even if your pet does have a chip, it doesn't matter if you don't keep your contact information isn't updated. So, you should regularly do a 'chip check' to make sure it is still working and has your latest address and phone number.

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