A WWII Veteran is greeted with a wave-by for his birthday

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Many people are getting creative to share their loved ones birthday while keeping at a social distance.

The sounds of honking filled the street of Skyline Parkway to wish WWII veteran Jimmie Heft happy birthday.

VPB Corvette Club gathered their friends and family to wave-by for Jimmie's 96th birthday.

Jimmie took part in the wave-by as well.

The VPB Corvette Club says since Jimmie is self-quarantining, they wanted to find a way to make his birthday special.

"I'm just really hoping that he gets excitement, he's a car guy also, he had a corvette way back and I'm sure he's going to be super excited about seeing us coming by because that's what he did and that's what he loves. So, I just want to make him smile, that's all I care about today, so hopefully that works," Tamara McGinnis of VPB Corvette Club said.

Jimmie turns 96th on April 2nd and the wave-by will last until April 2nd.