A Topeka couple finds a way to say 'I do' while including their family and friends

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Coronavirus could have been the ultimate wedding crasher for a Topeka couple set to say "I do" on Saturday.

Bernadette Gates and Kenny Jones did not let the coronavirus pandemic stop their big day.

"We were bound and determined we were going to get married and everything else will be gravy," the couple says. "Yesterday evening we were talking and we just decided let's find a place and do it tomorrow."

The couple decided to say "I do" at Clarion Woods lake. But, with social distancing limiting the audience, they took to social media, so everyone could attend through Facebook live.

"They were very appreciative that they could watch it. I had a friend who said you bet, you tell us when it's going to be, we're going to dress up and stand there and watch,"Gates emphasized. "It turned out even nicer then we thought it would."

Though the journey was not easy, they said they had support.

"People were willing to work with us. Once everything started shutting down, they all understood. My family was relieved they didn't have to travel because we said, we're just going to keep this simple," Gates explained.

Bernadette and Kenny say all couples can find a way to make their big day special.

"It doesn't matter, persevere. The ceremony is much more important to us," Jones said. "But we're really looking forward to a nice long life, get through it, have a sense of humor, because boy, we might be able to help them out with a few ideas."

Bernadette and Kenny say they plan to hold their original, big ceremony and go on their honeymoon, once the coronavirus restrictions end.