Fork in the Road: A Jamaican getaway is in the Little Apple at the Little Grill

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) — The Little Grill is more than a restaurant--it’s a couple's love story that then birthed a special Jamaican restaurant in Manhattan.

The Little Grill in Manhattan brings the wonderful spices and flavors of Jamaica to Kansas -but it all started when owners Cathy and Kenrick Waite met 19-years ago in Cancun, Mexico.

“I met Kendrick at the Beach Palace Resort where he was singing, he was entertaining there every evening. We just kinda hit it off and went for a walk with him on the beach and and took long strolls and talked," owner Cathy Waite explained.

But, it didn't stop there Cathy went Jamaica to meet Kenrick's family.

“We decided it didn’t matter where we would be, but we were going to be together and we wanted to grow old together," said Waite

They discussed how their lives would be in Kansas and opening a small restaurant was always apart of their dreams.

"I said to my wife, you know honey, you said you want me to come there to live if I come there to live. I’m going to work for a little bit and then I want to have a little place and this place came up," explained Kenrick.

The Little Grill started off small, but with Kenrick's artistic touch on food and a lot of love -- 16 years later the Little Grill’s grown.

Kenrick says theirs a lot of empathy that goes into his restaurant.

"Its kinda like my studio I feel like an artist working. I want the end result of the painting to be attractive and beautiful."

Their menu fuses American and Jamaican cuisine and features daily specials like their popular jerk chicken and jerk ribs.

"Its just the flavor of the smoke and the spices that we use we call it jerk you know and it’s a different flavor-- its Jamaican flavor and its awesome flavor," exclaimed Kenrick.

One loyal customer makes it to the Little Grill at least once a week.

“The rum punch! But also, all the seafood here is really good and I love the Caribbean food too so good. It’s a little taste of the island." said customer Melissa Kirkwood.

So the next time your in the Little Apple stop by and say hi to Cathy and Kendrick—you will be able to taste the love through their food.

The Little Grill is open Tuesdays- Thursday 3 to10 p.m. and Friday-Saturday noon - and have live music most nights. You can find out what their daily special is by calling them at