$80 million error found in school funding bill

TOPEKA (WIBW) -- An error in the recently passed school funding bill adopted last week, would decrease the amount of funding for Kansas Schools by $80 million.

Associate Director of the Kansas Association of School Boards Mark Tallman said that mistakes in bills this complex are not uncommon and potentially have an easy fix, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any concerns.

"I don’t think there is any conspiracy at work here, I think this was probably just an honest mistake,” Tallman said. “But given the immense pressure put on to try to get a level that people agreed with and then find out that it didn't actually do that, there will be people who will be a little bit concerned about that."

Spokesperson Kendall Marr tells 13 News Governor Jeff Colyer plans to sign the bill and work with legislators at the session on April 26th to fix the mistake.

Tallman said that the legislature was under a deadline to complete the bill and a defense to the Kansas Supreme Court and this error brings up questions.

"This really means, I think, the state is going to be having to decide are they defending the bill that was intended,” Tallman said. “Versus the bill that was actually passed which would clearly do less."

The error also concerns school boards about the amount of funding they will receive.

"Many school districts are still unsure whether the funding provided will be enough to reach the educational,” Tallman said. “Many legislators certainly some school leaders would like to have seen a larger package, and this would just move farther away from that."