65th Anniversary of Brown v Board celebrations continue with mural tour

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The Brown vs Board of Education 65th anniversary celebration continued Saturday with bus tours that took people to various murals around Topeka.

Executive Director of ARTSConnect Sarah Fizell said that art is common language that can help spark tough conversations like the one started 65 years ago.

The Topeka Metro bus wrapped in the Brown vs Board mural picked groups up at Topeka High to see the murals Topeka has to offer.

"As we look at history, it’s important to look at our future,” Fizell said. “For people who maybe aren’t going to spend an hour reading a history book, they can come look around and find something new about their town and learn something new about where they come from.”

Eva Brown said she believes that the city has profited greatly from the Brown v Board case and seeing all the murals reminds her and others to keep moving forward.

"For Topeka, I think it’s a challenge,” Brown said. “It’s a challenge for us to say, ‘It’s not just one and done. It’s ongoing.’ We need to be leaders in living as a community that wants to have peace and justice."

Brown had seen the murals before, but this was the first time she took time to stop and learn about them and how they represent the community.

"Seeing these murals helps you feel connected to other people,” Brown said. “It helps you see the diversity of our community, it helps you see the talent in our community and allows you to just take a deep breath that feels energizing."

The 65th anniversary celebrations continue tomorrow with DANCE…In Black and White, an interpretive dance at the Topeka Performing Arts Center.