Seaman High adds Career and Life Planning Center by student request

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Wednesday was the first day back to school for Seaman High School freshman and sophomores, and the school has added a Career and Life Planning Center for students.

They added it after many students last year said they were unsure where to go for help.

“So last year, coming in as a freshman, I didn't even know where the counselors were.” Student Amberly Sadler said. “It was down some hallway where nobody really went."

Sadler is part of the Student Advisory Council that told Seaman Superintendent Dr. Steve Noble last year about the need for a more visible counseling center, and the administration took action.

“We have remodeled our counseling center into a newly revised both in physical space and sort of our mission and purpose into a career and life planning center.” Noble said. “We needed a space to better prepare them for life now in high school and after high school."

The new center provides more privacy for students and houses four counselors, three college and career advocates, two full-time social workers, and a JAG (Jobs for America's Graduates) coordinator.

“A lot of students are struggling in school or just in life in general and the counselors really help with that,” Sadler explained. “So having somebody just to de-stress or someone to talk to about your school work, life, advice, anything, its so important because it really does take a huge load off of students."

With lots of foot traffic in the new center on the first day. Sadler says it feels good to see the fruits of their labor.

"It's pretty cool students get to be so involved, because we had some of our tech students design this, and the advisory council kind of helped to put it into motion.” Sadler said.

The rest of the upperclassmen will join students at Seaman High School Thursday, August 15th.