Greenwood Co. Emergency Management drone footage shows some of the damage done

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(Source: Greenwood Co. Emergency Management via Facebook)

(WIBW) --   Drone footage provided by Greenwood Co. Emergency Management shows some of the damage caused by high winds overnight.

The aerial footage was captured along P Rod, north of the Eureka Airport, the agency said on its Facebook page. The video shows the drone flying parallel to an empty road with many power lines either leaning or completely toppled over.

Wind gusts reportedly reached as high as 70 mph and thunderstorms rolled over much of eastern Kansas on Sunday night and into Monday morning, according the National Weather Service. There were reports of storm damage all along the storms track.

The video has been shared on Facebook over 200 times.

The Emergency Management service says P Road is closed from 13th Street to 180th Street until further notice. The area remains under a Flash Flood Watch.