Deputies: Florida woman left five children, including two 20-day-old infants, in car while drinking at bar

Kristie Johnson (Charlotte County Sheriff's Office)
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PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. (WWSB) - A woman from Englewood, Florida, is facing five counts of child neglect after deputies say she left her children in the car while she was drinking inside a bar.

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, deputies were called to a bar on South McCall Road in Port Charlotte, where a man had blocked his wife's vehicle into a parking space. Inside the vehicle were their five children - a 5-year-old, a 3-year-old, an 11-month-old, and two 20-day-old infants.

The man told deputies that he had left home around 6:30pm to go to work and his wife, 35-year-old Kristie Johnson, was supposed to take their five children to her mother's home in Rotonda West.

The man got home after work later that evening and discovered his wife wasn't there so he called her. He told deputies his 5-year-old daughter answered and said they were at McDonald's. He called again a short while later and his daughter said Johnson was not in the car with them. The man told his daughter to honk the horn to get an adult's attention, but no one came to the vehicle.

The man left his house to find his family. That's when he spotted his wife's vehicle at a bar on South McCall Road. He blocked her vehicle into a parking space and called the sheriff's office.

Deputies spoke to the bartender, who told them that Johnson had two drinks and had spent around 30 minutes in the bar. They spoke to Johnson but say she didn't answer their questions.

Johnson was arrested and charged with five counts of child neglect.

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