Banjo’s big ol’ biscuits and gravy

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - You don’t have to know how to play the banjo to get a good meal in Pauline.

Banjo’s has been serving up home style breakfast for over 40 years to anyone who enters their doors.

“It’s been pretty good to me and plus I love my customers,” said owner Tom Martin.

Martin has owned it for 17 of those years. He says the one thing everyone comes back for, are his big ol' helpings of biscuits and gravy.

“I’ve gotta make up three full pans or better of biscuits. They’re made from scratch. We use butter milk and we’ve got a biscuit mix, but unlike other places, it’s not a hockey puck,” Martin explained.

A half order will fill an entire plate. A full order, you can almost feed a family. The gravy on top, just like you mama used to make.

“I cook off my own sausage for it, and I add some pepper to it. It’s as simple as that,” detailed Martin.

But that simple recipe is just a small piece of the banjos experience.

“Good service. Real good service. Soon as you get in here they come see what you want and you don’t have to wait an hour to get it. I mean, it’s right here,” said customer Bob Clark who traveled from Hoyt to eat at Banjo’s.

“He’ll walk by and he’ll see me. He’ll just wave. I know what he wants. I know how he wants it. So I’ll get that fired up by time the check comes up, I’ve got it,” said cook Shawn Staff.

Folks like Bob Clark come from miles around to eat at Banjos, just because of that reason, and for the food.

“The biscuits and gravy, they’re some of the best around. Good thick gravy, and you get plenty,” detailed Clark.

And Martin says he’ll keep doing it, because of the customers like Bob.

“Everybody comes in and tells me great job. Keep it up. Don’t close this place,” Martin said with a laugh.

And he has no plans to close, and hopes to keep the banjo playing for many years to come.

Martin says he has some of the best staff with some of his waitresses working there for nearly 15 years.

He’s open every morning until 2 in the afternoon near Forbes Field.