Cochran: DOJ report on Dominique White shooting expected soon

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The Shawnee Co. District Attorney’s Office may have wrapped up its investigation into the officer-involved shooting that claimed the life of Dominique White, but the outcomes from other reviews – including a federal inquiry – are still to come.

The Topeka Police Dept.’s Interim Police Chief Bill Cochran says an FBI agent responded to the scene, near Ripley Park, just hours after the September 28 shooting, and the agency has been investigating the matter ever since. The FBI’s office in Kansas City did not comment to 13 NEWS on the investigation.

Cochran says he expects the Dept. of Justice, which runs the FBI, to release its report soon. After receiving it, he plans to take its findings as well as the results of all other investigations and use them to move the department forward.

“We have to find a way to come together. Start moving forward. Have productive and constructive dialog on how we make Topeka a better community as a whole," he explained in an interview that came just a day after Shawnee Co. DA Mike Kagay announced neither officer involved in the shooting would be charged. Cochran said he did not learn about the decision until right around the time Kagay made his announcement.

With the District Attorney’s investigation now completed, the police department is still awaiting the results of its own administrative review of the confrontation.

Both officers, neither of whose names have been released, will remain on leave during the process.

“This case will move to the internal review process that will be conducted by a professional standards unit and that is where we go to next,” Cochran said.

Cochran told 13 NEWS he has seen the body cam footage, but he has not gone through the case file compiled by Lawrence Police Dept., which was tasked with the initial investigation.

“For me to give an assessment, I need to look at that case file and review it and be aware of everything that took place,” he said.

This new review takes a more in-depth look at the officers’ actions that day. Beyond just determining if crimes had occurred, it looks to ensure the officers followed department procedures and will also decide if any disciplinary action is required. Cochran added the review will also allow TPD a chance to find any training opportunities so their officers will be better prepared for situations that involve force.

Additionally, new details from the District Attorney’s legal analysis show White’s blood work found he had marijuana and methamphetamine in system at the time of the shooting. The analysis, however, did not elaborate on how either drug may or may not have contributed to the incident, nor did it say how much was found.