Fork in the Road: This Topeka café specializes in homemade pie

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - There are so many choices when it comes to eating in northeast Kansas, sometimes it’s hard to find something different, or unique.

On the quiet corner of Kansas Avenue and Northwest Laurent, in the revitalized Topeka NOTO Arts District sits a café owned by Bradley Jennings.

“We’re starting our 13th year here in February, so we’ve been here for 12 years. So I must be doing something right,” said Jennings. What exactly is Jennings doing right at Bradley’s Corner Café? One loyal customer says it tastes like home.

“Homemade, you know. Everything. It just tastes good. It tastes like moms,” smiled customer Barbara Kent.

So we found out exactly what they meant by homemade, by having cook James Urton cook one of their best breakfast dish- the big omelet.

“Put everything in it; sausage, bacon, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and mushrooms,” Urton explained.

What makes the omelet different? They whip their eggs in a milkshake mixer, making them extra fluffy.

“It gets messy. We get busy, Urton shrugged. “You ain’t a good cook unless you’re a messy cook.”

With a couple of flips of the wrist, top it off with three different cheeses, and the omelet is complete. Side it with some hash browns and three pancakes and you have yourself a hearty breakfast.

Barbara Kent and her husband drive all the way from Horton, because they are always treated like family.

“We’re retired. We can either go to the grocery store, or come here. We like here,” laughed Kent.

And she says she has to finish each meal with a piece of homemade pie.

“Our pie dough is hand made. We hand cut our shortening with everything. They’re all rolled out by hand. All our fruits are fresh frozen fruits. We don’t use any canned fillings,” Jennings explained.

Before you head to Bradley’s Corner Café, make sure you have an appetite because you’ll more than likely need a to-go box.