A dynamic duo, partners against crime

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - You’ve heard of the bond between dog and man, but when that dog is your partner at work, the bond is much stronger.

Zeus is a deputy with the Shawnee County Sheriff Office. Deputy Darrin Marr, is his partner. But their partnership is a rare one on any force.

“It’s beyond love,” said Marr. "That’s a good way to describe it, but it’s much more than that.”

This dynamic duo patrol the street of Shawnee County together. Marr has been a deputy for 18 years, but Zeus is still relatively new, only serving for around two years. But he’s not you’re run of the mill police dog.

“He loves the attention,” Marr explains. "We do quite a few demonstrations and stuff for elementary schools. Summer camps. He would much rather go out and play with the kids and have a good time. But, when it’s time for work, it’s like a light switch. You can turn him on and off.”

And when you turn on that switch for work, he performs very dangerous tasks, including searching for bombs.

According to Marr, “He also searched for bad guys. Evidence. Clears buildings. Stuff like that when we ask him too.”

But when work is over, Deputy Marr doesn’t leave his work at the office. His partner Zeus, goes home with him, where he turns into the family pet.

“The relationship with him is different than any other,” said Marr. "It’s different than a personal relationship with a human being. He rides around with me 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. When he’s not riding around with me, he’s at home. We’re out playing together in the yard. He’s playing with my family. My kids love him to death. He’s another kid basically.”

And then of course, as the saying goes, he’s also man’s best friend.

“It’s just hard to describe. I can tell him my heartaches during the day, and my problems, and he doesn’t talk back. He just sits there and listens,” Marr explained.

And according to Zeus, the feelings are mutual.

This is deputy Marr’s third partner. His first dog retired from the force, but his second partner died after suffering from cancer.