Spectators wait out the rain to see the solar eclipse in Horton

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HORTON, Kan. (WIBW) - Watching the solar eclipse from Horton was hit and miss at times, but in the end, those who were there, were able to snap some amazing photos of the phenomena.

Eclipse enthusiasts from across the nation made their viewing spot, Horton.

Pasadena, California. Cascade, Iowa. Tucson, Arizona.

Traveling all that distance to get stuck in the rain when totality hit. But with luck, just before and just after totality, they were rewarded with a great look at the moon over the sun.

"When you're dealing with nature, nature always wins. You cannot control it. You cannot even hope to think of controlling it," said Dr. Daryl Taylor, former NASA Astrophysics Educator.

Many agreed, they wouldn't let the clouds put a damper on the fun and excitement.

“Sure, I want to see the whole thing," said Jim Walden. "It’s going to be great, but 7 years, we’ll try it again.”

Alyce Dolphin traveled from Iowa, “I’ve seen two before in Virginia Beach and Caspian Peninsula. So I think it’s going to be fun no matter what.”

People made the best of the cloudy weather, shopping with the local venders, playing games, and getting to know one another. Making August 21st, a day to remember.