Lawmaker received threat after introducing conceal carry exemption bill

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - An Overland Park representative says she’s received a threat after she introduced a bill to allow a permanent exemption for Kansas colleges and universities, under the state's conceal carry law.

Overland Park Police are investigating the comment left on Representative Stephanie Clayton’s Facebook page.

“There are some people who are in opposition to this, and they’re definitely vehement in that opposition," said Clayton. "Some very strong language being used. Threatening but not officially illegal.”

"We take all threats serious in Overland Park," said Overland Park Police Officer John Lacy. "We’re just gonna have our investigations unit take a look at it.”

Clayton introduced a bill to extend the conceal carry exemption for state colleges and universities plus the university of Kansas medical center, indefinitely. The current exemption, put in place in 2013 so entities could set up screening and security measures, is set to expire July 1st.

"We now have constitutional carry that allows carrying concealed weapons with no training," Clayton said. "The object of this bill is to minimize death.”

Ken Corbet, her Republican colleague from Topeka disagrees.

“It’s America, and it’s a right," Corbet said. "Nobody wants to see anything bad happen to anyone, but I would rather have a chance to protect myself than have to put my head between my knees and go out that way.”

Both say they want to hear from their constituents on the issue, and Clayton isn't worried about the comments made on her page.

“This is my third term," Clayton said. "This is part of the job, and people get pretty heated when it comes to controversial issues, and it’s their first amendment right to express their oppositions.”

Clayton said she filed the report with the Overland Park Police Department as a precaution.

A Senate committee hearing is set for Thursday at 10:30 a.m. for a similar bill. Student organizations and the Kansas Rifle Association have sent our e-mail encouraging residents to attend the hearing.